Unable to get any PWM signal on throttle channel

Hello all,
I am trying to make Pixhawk working in my airplane with glow engine.
After arming the system the throttle channel is not passed to the output.
I tired to do this on both Stable latest version and Beta version build by myself.
Additionally I tried to make this working (as test) in quad racer. The result was this same in qgroudcontrol after arming system channel output monitor shows 0.

System setup for test to be armed without checking anything and gets armed both metod from RC or from Qgroundcontroll.

Maybe I forgot to setup sth ?

In airplane mixer setup all channels but throttle works correctly nevertheless system is armed or not.

There is another question, which i believe was asked some times by gas or glow engines users but was unable to find anything about it : Is there any possibility to make throttle work before arming the system

  • while starting procedure for combustion engines is totally different than electrical one.
    IMHO arming shall be done just before start when airplane stand on the runway with working engine not in the side when engine is starting and gets regulation in many situation.

Regards Jacek