Add nonthrottle channel to only enable after arming


My plane uses differential thrust instead of a rudder. Therefore I have mapped yaw channel to output to PWM channels 5,6 which is attached to ESC controlling outboard propellers.

In PX4, for throttle channel, PWM is disabled until plane is armed.For safety, I would like to disable PWM output to Channel 5,6 (for my plane) until the plane is armed, like what is being done to the throttle channel.

Which part/where in the code should i modify?


Have you mixed throttle and yaw for these outputs, or only using yaw?

the outboard motors are mixed throttle and yaw.

I believe this is in the px4io firmware or the fmu module. Depends on the autopilot you’re using and if the outputs are connected to MAIN or AUX.

Take a look at the mixer and how throttle is handled differently with respect to arming and the safety button.