Unable to detect Pixhawk4 COM port on PC

When i connect the Pixhawk4 with PC using USB, the I/O PWR LED becomes green, FMU ACT and PWR LED is green and FMU B/E becomes red. I want to know, what is happened to the Pixhawk4 and how to solve the issue. Is FMU B/E Red status be the reason for USB detection failure?

Hi div03960 ! Do you ever fix that problem? I have exact the same problem. I use a 3DR Pixhawk 1 PX4 on a Windows 7 Prof. Pc. Can not find any driver to drive the Pixhawk on usb which works Not on QGround Control and not on Mission Planer. I work since days on this isuue but without success. searching for a driver like "Windows driver 3DR Roboics (usbser) (01/01/2015 or maybe earlier " written from Michale Oborne but can not find him.