Twin Propeller Boat Configuration w/ PX4 + QGC

I am on a small team making an autonomous surface vehicle (basically, a boat) that is capable of performing autonomous missions. After originally planning to use ArduPilot’s rover model, our client asked us to make the device OSX/iOS-compatible, which forced a switch to PX4.

Currently, the ASV is capable of forward and side-to-side manual control. We would like to be able to put the ASV in reverse using our radio transmitter – however, we are struggling to find any documentation or configuration in PX4 or QGC that indicates how to do this. Could someone help us out?

A few more details about the project:

  1. PX4 is running on a PixHawk 4
  2. QGC is running on a Macbook Pro, connected via FrSky Telemetry Radio
  3. The ASV is powered by two motors in screw-drive configuration (i.e. the motors spin opposite directions to go forwards)
  4. The radio transmitter/receiver is a FrSky Taranis Q X7 and FrSky X8R

Thank you!

EDIT: To clarify, we switched up the firmware because we could not get the remote to communicate with ArduPilot when running QGC on OSX. We switched to PX4, and the communication problem was gone. Since it seems like reverse throttle is not supported at all by PX4, I suppose I will have to go back to ArduPilot and make a post in their support forum about how to get the remote configured.

Reverse is currently not supported, unfortunately:

Just a note: use whatever firmware works for your client, but ArduPilot definitely works with iOS/OSX

Just the clarify:

  • The firmware you pick has no direct relationship to what OS the ground control station can run.
  • QGC can run on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS or OSX talking to either PX4 or ArduPilot firmwares.

Hi there
I was wondering if you can help me.
I to am building a twin motor boat but i can not get reverse, I am running aPX4 and QGC and Rover (Aion Robotics R1 UGV)

Yours hopefully