Turn off GPS auto-config sequence


if I understood it right, pixhawk uses a configuration sequence to deal with nearly “any” GPS receiver. However, is there any possibility to turn off this sequence and set the GPS baudrate to a fix value (maybe 38400 since this is standard) so that pixhawk is able to communicate with the board?

I have an additional board which is used to route data (including the GPS position) between different devices on the drone and the ground - so there is also only one telemetry link to ground and this is also that one using for the RTCM data. The pixhawk is not the only device which needs the GPS position so I would prefer to configure the GPS receiver by myself and give the pixhawk the option to communicate with the receiver normally by routing outgoing messages to the GPS receiver and send all incoming data from the receiver to the pixhawk. This configuration sequence is the only thing why it doesn’t work, but suppressing it is not a neat solution…
Maybe there is a special mode for this case? Or do i have to write a new driver to get this done?

It would be great if anyone could help me! I had a look in the GPS task but I didn’t understand it completely, since I work with PX4 only for a few days.

Thank you!

You can select the baudrate, but I think it still starts cycling through all of them if it can’t connect.

Why not let the pixhawk “own” the GPS and share position, etc over mavlink? You can also use Mavlink for RTCM.

I know that this is possible - it’s the way it works currently.

The point is, that this board is used with different flight controllers so it would be nice to have one standard. Maybe there is an old version of the driver with less user-comfort? :wink:

I think you’ll have to hack it out of the driver, or disconnect the pixhawk tx, but it might not like the way your module is configured.

There’s also a mechanism to save raw data as the pixhawk is running the GPS normally. Retransmitting that data might also be a way to achieve what you want.