Tuning sliders not working on Android

I tried the Android versions (release and beta) of QGroundControl on an 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab A and a Nokia 6 phone.
On both devices it worked well except that the tuning sliders would not move.
They work on my Win10 PC.

Is this because the screen is not big enough?
If so, could the sliders be made a bit less tall?


Can you put an issue into QGC GitHub and I’ll take a look at it there.

Hi Kit,

I’m about to make an attempt to build PX4 for use on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Snapdragon 820 proc). It sounds like you were successfuly in building PX4 on Samsung Galaxy Tab (Snapdrdagon 410 proc). I imagine since both are Snapdrago processors, the build process might be similar.

Do you have any tips of To Do’s" / “Not To Do’s” to get PX4 to build correctly on the Snapdragon processor?


Mike E.

Hi Mike,
Sorry, I did not build it my self. I just tried the release versions from the Google Play Store.


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Tuning sliders are fixed in daily builds. New stable coming soon.