Qgc on Android no audio and no log save path

I new to Px4 and Qgc.
I have installed Qcg on windows and android
But android version miss voice feedback and a path for log files download.
How can i fix those issues.

Same problem here and when I push download button then warning :- imu force reset.
Any solution ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The save directory problems with log download are fixed. Update your android build to the latest stable.

There is no longer to see Qground control all

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry I forgot that new stable builds didn’t automatically propogate to Google Play. Stable v4.0.6 is up there now.

Ok thanks, i will get the apk file from github!
Any fix for the missing voice fedback?

Sorry I forgot about the voice. I’ll take a look.

Voice seems to be working fine for me. Are you sure you don’t have mute audio output turned on by mistake?

SNo way to make audio works!
Could this be due to Android version ? Mine is 6.0.1 …it is an old tablet )-:

Finally i have found the fix:
It was on Android setup:
Text to speek
It need to be set !
Now it works fine…thanks!