Troubleshooting Pixhawk 1 power circuitry

Could someone with a Pixhawk 1 measure the resistance between ground and FMU power (FMU-VDD_3V3) coming off of VOUT2 of the MIC5332 (U603)?

I am looking at the voltage regulator and picking up the output via probing the positive leg of the 22u capacitor next to it (blue circle in this picture: ). Here is a link to the circuit diagram (Caution PDF)
On sheet 6 of the PDF I am looking at the FMU-VDD_3V3 leg.

I’ve been attempting to troubleshoot some problems with this unit and am REALLY trying to avoid buying a new one (Grad student income :P). I started looking at this area as the voltage regulator gets very warm and the resistance of this circuit is alarmingly low.

That being said, does anyone have any recommendations of online sources that sell decent clones? I have read about power and reliability issues with some clones and am worried.