Troubles building an older version of firmware


I’ve recently updated the latest firmware version (1.14) on my Pixracer. Since this update, it is impossible for me to connect the drone via WiFi on QGC, while my laptop is able to connect with the WiFi module.

I’m sure it is not an hardware problem, so I’m trying to build back the former version (1.11) on the controller.

Following the instructions on PX4 documentation, I did :

make clean
make distclean
git checkout v1.11.0
make submodulesclean
make px4_fmu-v4_default

The building starts well but then two failure messages are displayed, listing different files and saying : AttributeError: module 'collections' has no attribute 'MutableSequence'

I’m new to PX4, and I have no idea of what to do to fix this error.

Do you have any thoughts/suggestions that could help me please ?

Thank you !

Good luck building an old version.

Here is a hint: