Tricopter airplane

I would like to build a tricopter airplane with two tilting (forward or up) motors on the leading edge of the wing and one motor mounted on the rear fuselage. Some such aircraft I have seen have the fuselage mounted motor tilting left and right. Is this typical or required for Y such arrangements on airplanes? I have a Y6 multirotor, and it does not require sideways tilting motors. What aircraft setup would I use in Mission Planner or other software to set up such a Y tricopter as I am contemplating?

If you are planning to use front two motors with tilting in multicopter mode, then mathmatically the rear motor doesn’t have to tilt for yaw authority in multicopter mode.

this VTOL doesn’t tilt the rear motor for yaw.

But if you have side tilting rear motor, it gives you better authoriy for yaw.