Transition from manual to automated back to manual

Hello all,

I am using an Aurelia X8 Max running PX4 and using an Herelink Black. Brand new to the realm of drones, by the way.

To calibrate the INS of a LiDAR pod flown by the X8, I need to flight a couple of “smooth” Figure 8s before transitioning to the automated flight of the survey, then regain manual control of the drone to fly a couple more Figure 8s.

I can fly those Figure 8s manually without too much problem but then I would like to transition to an automated flight sequence to survey an area before regaining control of the drone.

Are my steps below correct?

  1. Take off in Loiter mode (short press A on RC)
  2. Get to necessary elevation
  3. Fly Figure 8s manually
  4. Short press B on RC to start the automated part of the flight
  5. When the automated flight is finished, short press on A to go back to Loiter mode.
  6. Fly Figure 8s manually before landing



No reply so maybe my question is too specific to the type of RC I have. But after some digging around, my steps are correct if that ever helps someone.