To OSD, or NOT to OSD

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I’m building my first drone (an S500) and I will use a Pixhawk flight controller. My goal is to fly mostly with GPS as a hobby.

I just bought a Runcam swift 2 TVL600 with OSD. The Pixhawk has OSD built in, and I want to know if I should send the Runcam back and get a Runcam without OSD? Is there an advantage to having OSD in the camera and in the flight controller?

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The OSD from your Pixhawk will give actual telemetry data. The runcam just gives you battery voltage.

I’m curious, which Pixhawk based board do you have that has a built in OSD? I’d really like to take a look.

Hi Josh,
This is a reply for a post months ago. I have a cheapo Pixhawk and I’m figuring it all out still.

are you sure you dont need to use a external OSD module beside your pixhawk
would you please give us a link or a document of that

thanks a lot

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