Timestamp issue with sdlogger


I tried to review my log file and found out some of the logging duration is extremely long (4457136384:40:28).

In another case the plots didn’t even show up.

Sometimes it was logged without any problem.

All of logs above are recorded in the same firmware.
I’m guessing something is wrong with timestamp system, but I’m not sure where to look at.
Can you please tell me a solution or the source code I should look at?

I am using custom v1.9.2 firmware and holybro pixhawk4 set.

Thank you all.

The problem is that the airspeed driver is publishing an invalid timestamp (16045690984833335023 in the first log). Which sensor are you using?
Does the problem persist on master?


Thank you for your response.

I am using ultrasonic airspeed sensor and custom driver, so I investigated the driver and found the cause of invalid timestamp.

Your information led me to look at airspeed. Thanks!

Good to know, you’re welcome