Tiltrotor VTOL problem with new Version Release v1.13.0

Hi, I have a HITL-Gazebo tiltrotor vtol in octo-coaxial configuration with tilt motors on the back. It was working with the previous master version of the PX4-Autopilot software that I downloaded two months ago, and now after I updated to the new stable release v1.13.0, it is giving wrong behaviour in Hover mode. I think it is related with tilting the motors to adjust pitch.

I hope somebody could help me to see what was the change that is affecting this.

Here is the log file. You can see in motor output how suddenly start going up and down extremely from 0 to 1.

Log file Tiltrotor


It seems that this problem was solved recently since it flies well with the master branch.

This looks like the same issue I am currently having but there is no branch named β€œmaster” in development right now. Are you referring to β€œmain”, or a development branch for the 1.14 release under another name?

I’m on a pixhawk 6C board, so I think I need to build a px4 or APJ manually to flash it. Did you also have to do that, or were you able to flash it through qgroundcontrol?

Hi @Riley_August, yes it is the main.
Since I have a Pixhawk 5x, what works for me is to run:

make clean
make px4_fmu-v5x_default

you can find the one you need here:

and then flash it through QGroundControl.

As you can see in the link, you can flash it easier by adding upload after the command but that has not worked for me when I want to add an airframe, so I always use QGC to flash it.

So far so good on that, though I ended up using the nightly build of qGroundControl since that has added 6C support for Windows. Now we have a new problem of barometer 0 missing, which is obviously quite concerning. The only data I can find on this is a hardware fault in a different board. Did you have any issues with the onboard barometer?