Throttle spike on arming (is it a bug?)

In rare cases after arming throttle level is higher for a second, then goes back to normal values.
I noticed it first time when I used 1.7 firmware, however there is similar topic from previous year Slight higher idle throttle when first arm? .
Hopefully I have a log .
I’d ask someone to check the log because I want to be sure that copter can’t apply too much throttle on startup.

In related issue was mentioned that MPC_THR_MIN could affect but after I lowered the parameter nothing has changed.
Maybe I will fill the bug in Github shortly.

Did you find a solution to this problem?

Sort of: switched back to Ardupilot.
Here is the (closed) issue:

What do you mean? That you did not solve it and therefore you switched to Ardupilot?