ThoneFlow-3901U UART Version PMW3901 Optical Flow Module

ThoneFlow-3901U is a UART version PMW3901 module, make it easier connect to your control board. The data format is also compatible with discontinued product CX-OF, already supported by ArduCopter.

This module replace the lens on original PMW3901, prevent dust from entering into the sensor or looseness in high vibration environment.

Tested on smooth surface:

Currently it’s available on Taobao and Paypal invoice, due to ship from China, the shipping price is a little bit high. Next month it will available on Seeed studio.
1: $15.86/pcs
10: $12.77/pcs
50: $10.53/pcs

Technical details:

Dimension: 14x11x5mm
Weight: 0.6g
Interface: UART
Baud rate: 19200
FPS: 66hz
Power: 3.3~3.6V
Current: 10mA

Data Format:

byte0: header (0xFE)
byte1: number of data bytes (0x04)
byte2: x-motion low byte
byte3: x-motion high byte
byte4: y-motion low byte
byte5: y-motion high byte
byte6: checksum
byte7: surface quality
byte8: footer (0xAA)


Test chart:


Useful Links:

Qt implementation optical flow monitor for ThoneFlow-3901U:

Ardupilot Driver: