Optical Flow module for Linux (contributions welcome!)

I’m working on an optical flow module for Linux, for flight controllers like the Snapdragon Flight and others capable of running PX4 POSIX port. In conjunction with a rangefinder, the plan is to provide a generic reusable solution to the problem. The module would read v4l2 compatible cameras and perform optical flow computation on the image and forward the data via uORB.

I would like to know if there is any interest in the community for such a module, and if there are any people interested in investing some time to make this reality.

The plan of action at the moment is to use OpenCV’s optical flow functions to provide a baseline setup, which can then be improved. Good targets for developing this module would be Odroid boards (U3, XU3, XU4) or the Snapdragon Flight.

I ported over a very rough initial implementation here, which just compiles for now. This was originally run on my Odroid U3 sometime back as a ROS module. Work is ongoing!

Anyone interested, please pitch in!

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o/ interested here. I have a XU and U3 board, but I wonder if it could be used for video editting - getting a scene and interpolating frames in between to allow for fake slo-mo camera. I want to use that in kdenlive.