Taisync, Yan Li, application for 2019 Silver member elections


Reasons for candidacy:
My reasons for my candidacy are the following,

  • Dronecode open-source ecosystem is one of the most important enabling factors that make the wide adoption of drone happen. Close collaboration of community companies and continuing improvement of Dronecode ecosystem are critical to the growth of whole drone industry. I’m interested in getting involved in technology contribution to the ecosystem, promoting PX4/QGC in different countries, and closely working with member companies to move the industry forward.

The following is a list of my recent accomplishments in the industry,

  • I co-founded Taisync, who is dedicated to development of wireless links for drones. Here is my linkedin profile.
  • I have worked on developing wireless link solutions for drone for more than two years. Our solution is one of the best and has been widely adopted by users across world.
  • I coordinated the work of integrating Taisync’s solution into PX4 and QGC.
  • I have been actively promoting Dronecode to different payload companies to bring their payloads into the ecosystem.

About my sponsor, Taisync:
Taisync has agreed to sponsor my nomination. Taisync is dedicated to development of wireless links for drones and is proud to be part of Dronecode community, who has built the most matured open-source drone ecosystem. Taisync’s solution has been applied to multi-rotor, VTOL, unmanned marine vehicle, robots, etc. Taisync will continue evolving wireless link technology and products for drone and working with the community to make the ecosystem better.

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