Supporting new OS/platform

I’m considering porting PX4 to an OS currently not supported. I’m digging through the PX4 code, planning out a porting strategy. Is this an appropriate forum for any questions or advice?


Fantastic! This is probably the right forum for this sort of discussion. You can also try Gitter in realtime:

Generally there is a lot of stuff here abstracting platforms:

And build system platform abstractions are here:


Sounds interesting. What OS are you porting to? I ask because I am thinking of doing just that.

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Michael Larsen

I shouldn’t make any sort of announcement just yet. Not until I have a plan and can commit to doing it.

Hit this thread while searching for porting guide of PX4.
Couple of questions;

a. Any better document on porting px4 on a os? From experience on Nuttx.

b. If above abstractions are the only to start with, then is there any minimum set to be ported for basic bringup?

c. These abstractions are closely tied with POSIX which is okay, but it is expected to change soon?