Support for SPRacing H7RF


I was really excited to see the addition of the SPRacing H7 Extreme Board on the latest release (1.12, very nice work dev team!) but to my dismay I’ve found it impossible to source anywhere. After emailing SPRacing I got a response from Dominic Clifton (the boards creator) saying:

"Alas the H750 CPU is currently unavailable and the price of it has risen dramatically recently due to the global chip shortage.

When the price comes down i’ll order more and make another batch, but don’t hold your breath. :frowning:

In the mean time you could ask the PX4 guys to add support for the H730 CPU and then my H7RF board would be able to run PX4 too."

So my question is:

Is support for the H7RF (H730) in the pipeline at all?

If not any other boards that you could be similar? I really love the small form factor and weight of the H7 Extreme plus the fact it’s an all in one board is much more convenient for the drone design I have in mind.

Any info is much appreciated!

Link to H7RF