Sudden thrust at 100% and altitude gain in position hold mode

Hello everybody,

I apologize in advance, this is the first time analyzing the log data and maybe I missed something obvious.

I had a problem with my last flight. The drone showed a sudden thrust to 100% even if it wasn’t required to by controlling it in position hold mode.
This caused the drone to “shoot up” and getting entangled in a safety net, thankfully the drone remained unarmed but we want to know what caused this behaviour.

At first we thought it was due to the sun reflection causing the laser altimeter (TeraRanger EVO 60m) to act up, but since we didn’t have the confirmation of this thesis from the log data we preferred to analyze the log data a bit more.

I included the Log data from two flight, the first in which the drone showed the same behaviour but we managed for it to land, the second is the one in which the drone ended up entangled in the net.

Flight 1 (Behavior observed but managed to land safely):

Flight 2 (Drone got entangled in the safety net):

Drone configuration:
Px4 1.13.3
Pixhawk 6c

Thanks for all your help,