Uncommanded Throttle Cut During Flight

While flying last week I encountered an issue. During operation, our vehicle seemed to lose power and drop out of the sky a couple of meters then recovered and was controllable. I flew it again and was able to replicate the issue once the vehicle was about 50 meters away from the controller by hovering and waiting.

Here are the log files:
#1. Occurs at about 04:41 (there appear to be two dips in the throttle log)
#2. Occurs at about 10:01

As far as I can tell, these were caused by a sudden and violent change of yaw rate set point for #1. Iā€™m not sure about #2.

Equipment and software:
PX4 Version: 1.7.3 Stable
Pixhawk Cube 2.1
Transmitter: Taranis X7 with Orange RX 2.4 GhZ DSMX transmitter module
Receiver: Spektrum Racer Receiver (SPM4648)

Winds from 330(+/- 20 deg.) at 8 knots, clear day, 12 degrees C, 30.36 inHg.

If anyone has experience with this phenomena, or suggestions on how to prevent this from occurring in the future, please let me know.

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We just had a similar issue indoor; but it resulted in a

Equipment and software: 3DR IRIS
Indoor: PX4Flow + Teraranger one
PX4 Version: 1.7.3 Stable
Pixhawk 1
Transmitter: 3DR transmitter
Receiver: 3DR original receiver

The drop happens at 1:11; crash at 1:12. All RC commands seemed to be normal.

FYI, cross referencing the github issue: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/8984