STM32F1 as a flight controller

Hello everyone!
I have an idea to realize some analog of autopilot hardware (something like RevoMini hardware or etc) and use ardupilot or PX4 software on the board.
So the main question for me is aplication of MC, as i have freely available cortex m3 MC.
According to the specification both ChibiOS and NuttX are supported a variety of architectures including cortex m3.
It rise the question - is it posible to run any version of ardupilot/PX4 on cortex m3 or on several cortex m3 MC? And what the minimal requirements for the MC (ram/rom) to run it?
I will be glad if someone shares this experience wih me!
Thank You!

Just for Ref.
Hi , Sergey Gridasov.
1st of all . good job on your idea.

Historically , Arduino Mega2560(8bit) is not enough to mission APM(like PX4) sometimes.
So we could consider STM32F4(PX4 , 32bit) , especially LowLevel OS(like NuttX for RTOS) and communication protocol -multi situation.

and STM32F1 board is used on PX4 co - processor (backup safety)

also , you can figure out middle point which is considered how much take something resource limiting lying down.
and additionally hard coding and porting to your target board like STM32F303K8 and Shied board.

thanks for your frontier spirit and inspiration.

Thanks a lot for your answer!