Arduino Giga as Flight Controller

Hello All,
It’s my 1st post, great project and great to be here :wink:
As you know (or not) Arduino released recently new board called GIGA
With STM on board

dual-core microcontroller (Cortex®-M7 core at 480 MHz and Cortex®-M4 at 240 MHz)

Do you think it might be in the future good candidate to port PX4? I know the Nuttx is not released for it but looks it’s feasible.


Hi LukaszB,

Thanks for the kind words!

I assume the GIGA is based on the STM32H745/755, or STM32H747/757 but I couldn’t verify that.

If so, then it turns out that you could just use the CubeOrange+ which is based on the STM32H757 and has already initial support in PX4! PX4 currently doesn’t use the second core at all but nothing should stop you from trying to tinker with that.

I would strongly recommend to build on top of the CubeOrange+ rather the Arduino, because it:

  • comes with all the sensors required to fly
  • has cables/pinouts compatible with other drone parts such as GPS, airspeed sensors, ESCs, etc.
  • has redundant IMU sensors to fail over and sensors vibration isolated as well as hard-mounted with different characteristic

so basically it prevents you from re-inventing many things required to fly something but enabling you to tinker with the new STM32 chip.