Start Gazebo simulator seperately

As mentioned in the below docx, use the following command, to start JMAVSim and PX4 Separately:

./Tools/ -l
make px4_sitl none

Docx: jMAVSim with SITL | PX4 User Guide

What is the procedure to do the same for Gazebo?

and while running the following command, why does it throw an error(following the JMAVSim workflow, mentioned above)?

PX4-Autopilot$ make px4_sitl none
ninja: error: unknown target ‘none’, did you mean ‘tunes’?
make: *** [Makefile:237: px4_sitl] Error 1

You can just type


in the terminal to start up gazebo seperately and then do the

make px4_sitl none

This will start them seperately.

Don’t know anything about the error.

Will the generated gazebo environment(with gazebo command) be set up for the PX4 after using the make px4 sitl none?

yes if you run the gazebo command and then spawn in a UAV manually, then run the px4_sitl none command they will connect and you will be able to control the UAV. Just tested it before I answered you.

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Thank you!!
Can you give some documentation, on how to spawn UAV manually?
I am new to this area and it will be really helpful if you could help me out.

I would say the easiest way is to make a launch file which spawns the UAV. An example for a robot is done in this simple tutorial.

Or add them to the gazebo models and just insert the model in gazebo itself by going to the models tab and press insert on the model you want.