Starting Gazebo and PX4 manually and separately

Dear all.
I am following the instructions in Gazebo Classic Simulation | PX4 User Guide
In the section " Starting Gazebo and PX4 Separately", the documents tells make px4_sitl gazebo-classic_iris_ide
However when i follow these, it seems there is no such target.
ninja: error: unknown target ‘gazebo-classic_iris_ide’, did you mean ‘gazebo-classic_iris_gdb’?
I go to the build location and try “ninja -t targets | grep ide”, there doesn’t exists ‘gazebo-classic_iris_ide’ target.
By the way, I git clone the newest px4_autopilot yesterday(2023.4.2) and try the above instructions

Is the official document wrong? Thanks.

Yes, looks like it wasn’t updated. @dagar how did this change?

Hi, JulianOes! Are there any news about this problem? :smiling_face:

Hello Marx,

I don’t know if it is the “official” way of launching Gazebo and the PX4 separately, but what I do is launching directly the px4 binary file that has been created when doing make px4_sitl.

The file default location is ~/PX4-Autopilot/build/px4_sitl_default/bin/px4 and you can run it with the -h flag to see the available options.

In a different terminal, run the simulator separately. e.g. for Gazebo Garden :

gz sim

Note : I am not a maintainer and this might have hidden flaws that I am not aware of. You may want to wait for approval from another member.

Hope this helps !