Start and stop px4 logging via a RC channel (Feature request)

It would be very helpful to create separate logfiles for each test during a flight, which would save a lot of time. This simplifies the analysis.
I propose a function that allows me to start and stop the logging via a specific RC channel. As a result, getting a for each flight a number of small logs. Each of those belongs to a test sequence.

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I can see how that could be helpful. However, at the same time we usually want to make sure we have a log of the whole flight, so we don’t miss something in case a crash happens, etc.

As a workaround I suggest that you increase a parameter (e.g. some parameter that you are not using, or that you add yourself) every time you begin a new test. Parameter changes show up in the log, so that way you have a “time marker” of where a test begins.

Julian, thank you for your suggestion.

the advantage introducing a additional SDLOG_MODE as far I see would be:

  • In the Phase of testing, I am interested to look at specific behavior of the UAV by changing certain parameters.
    Adding this function would be mainly a time saver and make testing more efficient. This allows to share small log files with other colleagues and the corresponding description of what I have tried to achieve or test.
  • I do not need a second person which assist me during the tests. Right I need to go for and backward between the PC with QGC and the Radio control and the notepad if I am alone in the field.
  • A alternative could be if we could just extract the logging data of a given time window.

@bkueng what do you think?

Yes we can extend SDLOG_MODE to support that.

@bkueng thank you to support this request. Do I need to do anything on my side?

Are you in a position to do a pull request with these changes? That would be greatly appreciated.

@bkueng This is out fo my capacity. But I am pretty good in testing. Should this request moved to github under issues aa a request?

You can do that, but it will likely be me implementing it, so I already have it on my list.

Hi @Jakob_Strebel1, I implemented this in, can you give this a test?

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