Snapdragon UART ESC PWM


As I understand it, the Snapdragon utilizes ESC UART but the ESCs I have require PWM. How do I go about configuring it to output PWM to the ESCs?


You might need an UART to PWM bridge like Pixfalcon.
Let it handle your PPM signal from RC and sending the PWM signal to general ESC.

No I’m looking for a non-hardware solution. Similar to this:

What you linked uses a serial to PWM bridge (a Pixhawk / Pixfalcon / Pixracer). Qualcomm has not offered a software solution yet.

PWM output directly from Snapdragon Flight is in the works:

Any update on this ? Better yet, can you show me a branch or something where the work is happening so I can help? Thanks.

I’d like an update as well. I haven’t heard anything since the last post