Slow convergence of yaw estimation

Hi @all,

I have an issue with my px4fmu v1.7. The copter is hard to control manually and therefor I took a look at the attitude estimation and recognized that the ATTITUDE.yaw value converges very slow.
After rotating the board, the value Needs about 3sec. to converge to a value and in this time increases / decreases for about 0.2 rad (~10 degree!).
I already recalibrated the compass several times. And when looking at the raw Magnetometer outputs, they are pretty stable. Seems like the convergence of the yaw doesn’t depend on the Magnetometer.

Has anybody a Suggestion, why this occurs?
I tried with INAV and ekf_pos_attitude estimator -> both the same. My Firmware is v1.1

Thanks to all…

That firmware is quite old. Can you update to the latest?

If you use EKF2 the analysis options are much better.


unfortunally I can’t. I use the px4fmu v1 board and when I flash a Firmware > 1.2 the board goes into an Memory allocation error.

I, by the way, found out that the convergence is very slow around the 0-rad, and converges faster the farer away from the 0-line it is.

Do you have an external compass module? Make sure the orientations are all correct.
Beyond that we can’t really support such old software releases (v1.6 is about to go out), but if you open an issue on github ( we can figure out why the current code doesn’t work on the original px4fmu.