Setup ROS2 (Humble) for MAVROS to communicate with PX4 SITL

I am trying to learn by myself how to model a drone in PX4 SITL with Gazebo Garden and then control it via ROS2. I have just sucesfully installed PX4 SITL with gazebo and run my first simulation with x500 drone. Now I am trying to install MAVROS to be able to publish topics with data from the simulation in Gazebo. I am kinda stuck there. I tried to look it up on the internet, but I did not find anything useful for ROS2 (Humble) and MAVROS. Could somebody provide me a walkthrough in this area?
I believe I have already installed mavROS when I was running the script from PX4 website, but I dont know if it support ROS2 Humble.
Additionally I would be really glad if you could recommend me any good sources that I can learn from.

Thank you very much.

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u need first start sending a cmd (>= 10Hz) to the drone through mavros, then switch the flight mode to offboard, check the offboard part of the document, probably can help u understanding

How do I start sending a cmd through mavros? That is what I am wondering about.

I’m just started to learn how to use the PX4 SITL with gazebo and ROS2, and in this documentation (ROS (Robot Operating System) | PX4 User Guide ) says that the ROS 2 communicate over the PX4-ROS 2 bridge(ROS 2 User Guide | PX4 User Guide).

Is the mavros better to do this communication?

I followed the example and now I have some ROS2 topics. Trying to figure out how to send commands and control it with a joystick.

I’m knew with ROS too.