Servo not working

I’m working with a standard airplane using pixhawk 4 and pm07
From ph4 to pm07: i connect

  • i/o pwm in → fmu pwm out
  • fmu pwm in → fmu owm out
  • power it too
    For the RX i use r6fa-fs (i’ve binded it) and connect it to ppm rc
    I have telemetry and gps module and it works fine
    I have installed firmware and calibrated it on mission planner
    I powered the unpowered pin on the pm07 and connect my servo to it
    I have armed the servo and the servo out put signal shows on mission planner matches with the radio signal
    But the servo i connect to the pin doesn’t work
    Any suggest how to fix it
    P/s sorry for my poor english

Given you’re using MissionPlanner, you’re probably not using PX4 but ArduPilot. I would ask in their forums: