Serial Ports & Power Rating

I’ve go a question regarding the power rating of serial ports of the holybro pixhawk 4. The technical data sheet mentions that there is 5 general purpose serial ports. I’m assuming that they are TELEM1, TELEM2, GPS, UART&I2C B and USB? Additionnaly, it mentions that 2 have full flow control and 1 have separate 1.5A current limit.

I’m looking to better understand what are the power rating of each individual serial port and what is the combined power rating.

5 serial ports are: TELEM1, TELEM2, GPS, UART&I2CB and RC IN.
TELEM1 has individual 1.5A current limit IC.
TELEM2, GPS, UART&I2CB and all other 5V peripherals share another 1.5A current limit IC.
The total current 3A.

Alright thank very much, I assume that the I2C and SPI devices are included in the second 1.5A?