TELEM2 Amp Rating

Is there an amp rating for the VCC (5V) pin on the TELEM2 port on the Pixhawk 4?

I’m looking at powering a Jetson Nano via the pin header, which needs 5V and 2-3A, which is the same output as the Pixhawk power distribution board. It’d be super clean if I could have a single cable coming from the Pixhawk that both powers and communicates with the Jetson.

Right now my plan is to pull the power from the 2nd 5V power output on the power distribution board, and then connect to the Jetson’s UART pins to TELEM2, but I’m wondering if the 5V output on TELEM2 would have sufficient amp output to power both the Jetson and the Pixhawk.

Related, if I were to connect both power ports, would that double the amp budget coming out of the Pixhawk 4?


  • Holybro X500 Dev Kit
  • Pixhawk 4
  • Jetson Nano