Sensor: Failure. AHFS issues, see console..?

HolyBro Pixhawk 4 Flight Controller, Quadcopter S500. I had to replace a bad Hobbypower SimonK 30Amp ESC on the Quad. After re-assembling the Quad I connected to QGC for configuration’s. All seemed to go well until I go to Fly mode in QGC. Screen opens small window for final flight checks on props, battery, etc. GPS says PASS, but there’s one that keeps flashing in and out, “Sensor:Failure. AHFS issues, see console”…? Here’s what the Console show’s:
[D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\ - “Settings location “C:/Users/James/AppData/Roaming/” Is writable?: true”
[D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\ - “Filter rules “*Log.debug=false\n””

  • [E] at :0 - “serialnmea: No serial ports found”
    [D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\Vehicle\ - “MAVLink logs directory: “C:/Users/James/Documents/QGroundControl/Logs””
    [D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\ - “System reported locale: QLocale(English, Default, United States) “en_US””
    [D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\ - “Loading localization for “en_US””
    [D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\QtLocationPlugin\QGCMapEngine.cpp:164 - “Map Cache in: “C:/Users/James/AppData/Local/cache/QGCMapCache300” / “qgcMapCache.db””
  • [E] at qrc:/qml/QGroundControl/Controls/ToolStrip.qml:100 - “qrc:/qml/QGroundControl/Controls/ToolStrip.qml:100:21: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool”
    [D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\ - "“v4.0.10"”
    [D] at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\QtLocationPlugin\QGCTileCacheWorker.cpp:1139 - “No Internet Access”
    The two “E”'s I guess are Errors…? Have no Idea what either one means, don’t know where to look, googled both, got nothing… Everyone assumes we all know what these things means I guess…? Wish I knew…! Thanks in Advance…! James… =)