Sending optical flow data to pixracer for loiter


I have got my own camera doing the optical flow calculation and I want to send it to the pixracer to use in loiter mode (no gps).
I am sending the mavlink messages to the pixracer according to this ( (mavlink_optical_flow_rad and mavlink_distance_sensor).
I can view the data in QGC and verified it arrives correctly.
My problem is that I can’t find the ekf2 parameter in the QGC to enable the optical flow.
Also not sure which mavlink messages shows me the output of the EKF2.
One more thing which i think is weird is that i get the message in a different vehicle (see screen shot attached).

Ok , nevermind that… It was a wrong firmware issue :confused:

Hey can I ask by normal camera you mean RGB cam or something else? and did you share your project ?