Send / Receive of analog signals possible?

Hey everyone,

I have a question regarding I/O with the Pixhawk 4. The background: We want to build a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) setup to test our own Flight Control algorithms, which are implemented on the PX4. Therefore a real-time simulation is set up with a Target PC using Matlab / Simulink on which the dynamics of the flight system are simulated. Until now a serial communication (USB) of the PX4 with the Target PC is possible, although there are some problems with low baud rates (and resulting limits on sampling frequency) and especially the incompatibility of some real-time operating systems with serial communications.
Therefore, an analog communication would be way more easy to implement. I would like to send the controller outputs to the Target PC while receiving reference values and some other signals from it. I am aware that the PX4 has analog PWM I/O. Is it possible to access those ports and send / receive analog signals without modulating them to PWM? Other helpful thoughts would also be very much appreciated.

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