Searching P2P help in launching custom plane model in gz sitl

Hello, guys, i am from Ukraine, i would like to launch custom model in gz sitl, to test the frame and setup, to build a uav and use it against russian aggression.

I have spent a week on digging how to do it myself, but i believe with your support i will achieve the result faster. I am familiar with linux and programming and not going to flood you with silly questions, i need a general guidance to achieve the result a bit faster then it could be in forum format.

I have a model exported from SolidWorks and defined in sdf format with stl meshes. I have created parameters in ROMFS and added a folder with the model to /Tools/simulation/gz/models and modified the CMakeLists.

I would be very glad and thankful if someone agreed to join me in the chat and help me to fix the issues with sim launching and then in mixer setup

My discord chat invite link