Simulating custom airship in Gazebo


Hello, I am relatively new to the PX4 environment and simulation tools on Gazebo. I am trying to simulate a custom airship.
My goal is to duplicate the already available ‘cloudship’ folder and tweak the model values in the .sdf and airframe file and replace the .stl 3D model in order to control it in Gazebo using QGroundControl


I followed these steps, found on other discussion threads:

  1. Created a folder under Tools/sitl_gazebo/models called ‘my_vehicle’.
  2. Created the following files: my_vehicle.sdf and model.config (from ‘cloudship’).
  3. Added the ‘cloudship’ .stl files to the folder.
  4. Created an airframe file under ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d-posix (from ‘cloudship’).
  5. Added the new airframe name to the cmakelist file in this folder.

I saw that another required step was to add the airframe/folder name to the platforms/posix/cmake/sitl_target.cmake file but could not locate it in the PX4 directory.


After rebuilding the environment by entering the ‘make px4_sitl_default gazebo’ command I try to run the new folder ‘my_vehicle’ by entering ‘make px4_sitl gazebo_my_vehicle’ or ‘make px4_sitl gazebo-classic_my_vehicle’.
I get the following error : 'unknown target ‘gazebo_my_vehicle’ and the ‘my_vehicle’ folder I just created is gone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you,