Sbus-out not controlling aux channels

I know there is a similar post already but it didnt gain much traction.

Here is my situation.
I would like to control my servos and ESC’s via the sbus-out port on my pixhawk 4. I have a custom main mixer and a custom aux mixer that passes control group-0, channel 3 (throttle) to all 8 aux outputs. This has worked for me before but only when I used the PWM outputs from the board (not over sbus).

The issue im seeing is that the sbus-out port only seems to have control over the first 8 sbus channels. Channels 9-16 are always held low, around 860us or so. The aux mixer seems to have no effect on these channels, but I can see them working when I plug a servo tester into the aux pwm outputs.

Is there a way to allow the sbus-out port to output both the main and aux mixers?

When I came up with the avionics layout for my current project I assumed that sbus-out meant the full 16 channels.