Safety switch ignored - Prearm mode already enabled at power up

I have recently updated my CUAV V5+ Autopilot to FW version 1.12.3 and I have noticed that motors can be armed even though the safety switch (on the NEO V2 GPS module) has never been pressed.
I have triple-checked the parameters, read several times the instructions here but no matter how I change the settings, it is always possible to arm the motors, even if the safety button has never been pressed since power on.

I also noticed that if I keep the safety button pressed nothing happens but if I push it three times it makes a confirmation sound. The pre-arm behaviour doesn’t change but it tells me that the button is physically connected.

Could you kindly help me understand what’s happening?
Thank you!

Hi again, I found the answer inside the code:
on feb 13th, @LorenzMeier pushed this commit “Safety switch: Default to safety off” where the default value of CBRK_IO_SAFETY was changed from 0 to 22027 because “90% of all real-world vehicle configs default to this and it is something that users stumble over if they configure a new system. There are valid cases where this would not be desired - for these it can be still switched off”.

I hope this comment can be of help to someone else…

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: