Arming without Qgroundcontrol


So far I’ve been able to set everything up, however, is it possible to arm without using Qgroundcontrol? How can I do this?

Conversely, is it possible to arm from Qgroundcontrol without having the safety switch.

Thanks in advance.

@Arnold I am still learning too, but this is an easy one so I’ll help!

Arming with the RC controller:
“To arm the drone, put the throttle stick in the bottom right corner. This will start the propellers on a multicopter. To disarm, put the throttle stick in the bottom left corner. Alternatively arming and disarming can also be performed in QGroundControl (PX4 does not require a radio control for flying autonomously).”

Bypassing the safety switch:
To bybass the need for the safety switch you can set the parameter “CBRK_IO_SAFETY” which is the “Circuit breaker for IO safety” from the default 0 to a value of 22027. The description on the parameters list web page says: “Setting this parameter to 22027 will disable IO safety. WARNING: ENABLING THIS CIRCUIT BREAKER IS AT OWN RISK”

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Thanks a lot! I guess I did not carefully read the documentation. My bad! I will try this tomorrow.