S500 airframe's xy coordinate

Hey guys, i want to ask about the value of s500 airframe’s xy coordinate, is the origin in the center or is it at the center of gravity of the plane, thanks!!

I used center of quad, but for my setup I have center of gravity and center of quad at same place

To change the XY coordinates of your airframe in PX4, you can modify the Firmware/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d-posix/rcS file. In this file, you can set the SENS_BOARD_X_OFF and SENS_BOARD_Y_OFF parameters to adjust the XY coordinates.
For example, if you want to shift the XY coordinates by 5cm in the positive X direction and 10cm in the negative Y direction, you can set these parameters as follows:
param set SENS_BOARD_X_OFF 0.05
param set SENS_BOARD_Y_OFF -0.10
After setting these parameters, you should recalibrate your sensors and perform a new flight test to verify that the airframe behaves correctly.