Ryzen Compatible with QGroundControl?


I am looking for a PC laptop that would be compatible with QGroundControl. It was recommended that a computer with at least 8Gb RAM, an SSD, Nvidia or AMD graphics and an i5 or better CPU should be selected for QGroundControl.

However, I am finding it difficult to find an i5 processor with specific AMD or Nvidia graphics installed. Do you know if Ryzen would be compatible?


Good day, i think you don’t need a very powerful pc for Qgroundcontrol.
Latest Cpu… a good amount of ram… and an ssd can provide you enough stability.
About graphic card… an application will never use all the memory of it.

Thanks Dave! Do you know if a CPU that isn’t an Intel processor be compatible with QGC?

I think that nowaday you don’t need to be worried about the cpu. So a good cpu its enough

It sure is. Any Ryzen cpu works well.

Thanks for your feedback!