QGC on Intel z8350 4 gig laptop

Hello and thank you for reading.

I want to use a laptop with an intel z8350 4 core processor and 4 gigs of ram as an affordable ground station. Am I wasting my time with this or will it run ok on this laptop.

Should be fine. I see no reason why not.

I saw in the documents that they recommend something like an i5 and 8gig of ram

I tried installing it on my celeron n4000 dualcore with 4 gigs and just got a message saying it is incompatible with my laptop

Are you running a 64 bit OS? I can’t think of anything else that would preclude it running.
Are you sure it was not a security thing as well?
See if @DonLakeFlyer will comment on this.

Not much detail here to be able to help:

  • What OS? Exact PS version details.
  • What the error message?

Sorry Win 32 on a laptop with a celeron n4000 dual core and 4 gig ram. But this is a work pc so will be returning it in week. The message simply says that the app can not run on my pc and to contact the vendor

QGC no longer supports Win32 only 64 bit.

Thanks Don appreciate the feedback

You can theoretically still build a 32 bit version on your own. But we don’t release one.