Running px4_sitl without a simulator?

Is it possible to run px4_sitl without a simulator? I understand there will be no movement of the vehicle. I would just like to do some work on passing messages back and forth using pymavlink.

Alternatively, if there is a way to run px4_sitl with jMAVSim in a headless mode, that would work. I need to run px4_sitl over remote desktop which means I can’t run OpenGL.


I don’t think this works (anymore) because px4 is now in lockstep with the simulator so the simulator increments the simulation time and without simulator everything stands still.

HEADLESS=1 make px4_sitl gazebo works but for jMAVSim it’s not implemented.
A pull request for it would be great: jMAVSim without GUI · Issue #59 · PX4/jMAVSim · GitHub