RTCM broadcast with mavros

Hello I’m working swarm flight with mavros and RTK (HERE+)
I have to broadcast RTCM msg to all of my quads and also uses mavros
since QGC has the RTCM broadcasting feature, I tried to use gcs_bridge.
But connection was not stable(keep fails to get param) and doesn’t get RTCM msg neither.
So I tried to use both telem1&2 port connected with OBC and
run this command
“socat -v udp4-datagram:(QGC_IP):14550 open:/dev/ttyUSB1,raw,echo=0,b57600,crnl”
which port forwards QGC udp data to telem1 port and connect telem2 with OBC as usual companion computer
mavros connection was fine but QGC connection fails to get parameter again
any advices would be appreciated thanks