Rover driving away from waypoints

I’m still working on getting my rover setup. I’m able to manual drive it now.
If I set some way points, it seems my rover is driving in the wrong direction. It zig-zags on a path in the wrong directly.

The red line that is drawn in QGroundControl shows it moving away. (so the GPS location is being reported correctly). Is there some parameter I need to check/adjust. Also, when if i try to control the rover with the virtual joystick the right sticks mapping is all wrong (up/down stick maps to left/right steering.)


Airframe Type: Rover
Vehicle: Traxxas Stampede
Firmware Version: 1.6.5dev

Actual Vehicle
Hobby Kick Desert Fox 1/10
Receiver: FRSky X4R
Transmitter: Turnigy 9X

Hard to say without seeing a log and more of your setup, but it could be as simple as needing to switch the motor or servo direction.

Is there an easy way to bench test this? I’ve been using my Transmitter (but i’m guessing that is hiding/masking the problem). Is there an easy way issue a ‘turn right’ command in the console? and then i could verify the wheels turn the correct direction.

Other troubleshooting idea welcome!

You could try it with QGroundControl thumbsticks instead of your transmitter.

I know the virtual joystick isn’t mapped correctly. But sounds like it should be. (up/down virtual maps to left/right steering)

I’ll mess with it in a couple days and report back.

I had same issues. Reverse your mixer steering channels and you will be just fine! And while setting way points its CRITICAL to set all way points to 0m altitude and you only normal way points (no landing,takeoff).

Good Luck!


Thanks! I’ll try it out!

Minor update: After not messing with things for a while and coming back to it with some fresh eyes. I reversed servo output and recalibrated my transmitter. Both my transmitter and virtual joystick seem setup correctly now. (mode 2, left stick controls throttle and steering)

I’ll get back outside soon!