ROS2 + RTPS: Offboard topics

Good morning everyone

I am testing out a simulation in Gazebo of a quadrotor using the RTPS protocol to pass setpoints from ROS2 to PX4.
The example in the package px4_ros_com (./src/examples/offboard/offboard_control.cpp), works pretty well.
I am trying to find out other topics than the TrajectorySetpoint one, to pass different types of setpoints; still I can’t find a way to get them work.
For instance, I tried setting up the topics ActuatorsControl, VehicleActuatorSetpoint, VehicleAngularAccelerationSetpoint etc… the setpoints are getting published but the quadrotor still doesn’t move (it just enters offboard and after leaves it).

Is that because there is not a script handling the setpoints for these topics? Or there is a specific correlation between the setpoint topic and OffboardControlMode topic?

If the first question is true, which are the topics that can be used to pass setpoints via RTPS and fly successfully in Offboard mode? Is there a way to pass Actuator Setpoints, for instance, to the quadrotor via RTPS?

Any help is appreciated, I would like just to understand how it works specifically.
Thank you in advance, wish you all a wonderful day.