ROS2 package for identifying IMU noise parameters

Hello Everyone,

I’ve written a package to identify noise in IMU’s.

Why ?
I’m currently working on a vision based drone and needed a tool to identify IMU noise for use with VIO and filters. I’m using the relatively new microdds_client to interface with PX4. I couldn’t find a package that supported ROS2 or px4_msgs. So I wrote one myself. converting bags and message types are annoying.


  1. Outputs noise parameters file for Kalibr.
  2. Supports both sensor_msgs/Imu.msg and px4_msgs/VehicleImuStatus.msg to interface with PX4-ROS2 bags, No conversion required.
  3. Uses rosbag2_cpp API to sample data from bag, No playback and waiting for hours.

Link to repo

Thanks for sharing @crux!

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