Roadmap / Milestones

Developers commonly request milestones and next steps so I’d like to give a brief summary what the next steps will be.

We have started to create projects using the new Github feature to track individual efforts:

Apart from that the high-level milestones for fall / winter are:

  • Finalizing the FMUv5 / STM32F7 reference design (pinout RFC, a compatibility mode with Pixhawk / Pixhawk 2 boards is also being looked at)
  • Obstacle Avoidance Interface (project)
  • High-level lightweight API (to interface to the drone externally). Dronekit is relatively heavy and we’re prototyping a more lightweight and more portable (iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS) alternative based on MAVLink 2.0
  • Attitude control overhaul (towards LQR / MPC)
  • Position control overhaul (Using smoothing curves explicitly in the UI and then tracking them accurately on the vehicle)
  • Major release for VTOL with a lot of additional corner case handling
  • Switch to .ulog logging system (example of the new web plotting system)

What is the status of this? Was the lightweight prototype ever implemented?